IS IT TRUE: The stories we tell ourselves


IS IT TRUE: The stories we tell ourselves

There is always a choice in everything we do. At the moment (mid global pandemic) many of us don’t feel like we have a choice. We can however always choose the way in which we respond to situations. 

At the moment, things are pretty tough for a lot of people. There’s a great deal of uncertainty around which is creating an awful lot of anxieties and high emotions. When we are in a state of heightened emotion it’s difficult to think rationally as the brain simply can’t cope, this is why it’s more important than ever to choose how we respond to situations. 

Lots of people are fearing the worst and telling themselves stories that simply aren’t true (myself included). If you find yourself and your mind wandering to worst case scenarios or having negative and or irrational thoughts, ask yourself ‘is this true’. Our thoughts are not always facts.

If you find yourself beginning to have irrational thoughts or you’re telling yourself the worst things that could happen, try this: First of all, ask yourself, is this true?  Secondly, give yourself a mantra, I choose to control my emotions, I can manage this through the power of my own breath And thirdly, breathe, deep breath in for 4 seconds and out for 8 seconds and repeat x 4 (top tip:  it’s a good idea to practice this when you aren’t feeling anxious so it’s easier to do when you really need it).

By feeling more in control of your emotions and situations, you will feel less stress and less anxiety and this will improve your overall wellbeing.


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