I was able to thrive again

Through Nikki's own personal experience of grief, she shares what helped her when her daughter Rosie died at just 6 days old. Nikki understands exactly how difficult it is to function and adjust after a significant loss. It's through her own pain that she became a grief and loss coach. She will help you learn to live with your grief in either her group or 1-1 grief coaching. Nikki’s coaching will give you a clear understanding of what grief is and how you can manage your loss. You’ll come away from the coaching with an understanding that grief takes time, grief is unique, and the importance of grieving properly. Nikki will provide you with a toolkit so you can navigate your way through your loss and know that you will move forward and you will smile again. 

Nikki will not coach you out of your grief,
she will help you learn to live with it

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