CLIENT LOVE: What do my clients say about working with me?


CLIENT LOVE: What do my clients say about working with me?

I can't thank my clients enough for coming to my coaching sessions with such an enormous amount of honesty and the want to change so they can live thier life, their way. Here's what some of my clients say:

As Editor-in-Chief of Psychologies I have had the privilege of working with some of the top coaches in the world but I chose Nikki to be our team coach. She’s intuitive and tunes into the real issue underneath the problem that might be presenting in your life. She then helps you devise a plan to make things happen. She’s funny, kind and inspirational. Suzy Walker, Psychologies Magazine.

Having a personal coaching session with Nikki was one of the most pivotal things I've done in adulthood. After an easy and natural chat, she reflected back to me things I was saying over and over without realising. This, added to the physical processes that we 'stepped' through, really brought clarity to a junction that I'd been stuck at for years and her guidance in showing me that I really knew, deep down, what I wanted to do, enabled me to feel brave enough to make powerful career changes which have transformed my life. Anna, former Head of English in a private school, turned PR & Comms, Moot – lingerie for men.

I booked a coaching session with Nikki as I’ve come to the end of my MA in Creative Writing and I was feeling overwhelmed and flooded with ideas of what to do next. I get excited by new ideas but find it difficult to prioritise. I presented Nikki with an A3 sheet filled with lists of things I could do next and told her I only had one day a week in which to do them. She listened carefully to me as I talked through my plans, asked a few questions and quickly got to the heart of the problem, part of which is my ability to ask for help when I need it. I now feel clearer about what I want to do, what I can fit in and who I can ask to help so that I can get on with the work that will make the biggest difference not only to me, but to others too. So thank you, Nikki. Mel Parks, Writer.

In just a few sessions, Nikki's coaching has helped me immensely. Through compassionate conversation, she guides me to find my own solutions and focus on positive emotions to follow my dreams. After already experiencing beneficial changes from our work together, I feel empowered and supported. Annie Graham, Hotel Proprietor, Portugal.

Nikki is an intuitive, skilful and considerate coach; enabling me to find mobility when I was stuck; to unlock long-forgotten strengths and set me on a positive path for the future. I highly recommend Nikki to anybody wishing to go on an exciting journey of personal and professional exploration. Hannah Stott, CEO, Charity Sector.

In one hour Nikki was able to do more for me than other coaches have been able to do over weeks and months. She doesn’t just listen, she reads between the lines, hearing all the things that you don’t say and helping you realise what the ‘actual’ issue is (Hint: it’s not always what you originally go to her with!) I went into the session feeling stuck and overwhelmed and I came out with absolute confidence, mental clarity and like I had my own personal cheerleader in my pocket. Her suggestion to get outside and coach in nature was also brilliant and brought a whole new dimension to my previous experiences of coaching. I can’t recommend Nikki highly enough. Lauren Leopold, Business and Career Coach.

Nikki helped me set a vision for the future, challenged my limiting beliefs and held me accountable to my plan- all delivered in a supportive and encouraging style. I left my coaching sessions with her energised and ready to take action. Thank you Nikki. Nicola Parker, Coach, HR Consultant and Charity Trustee.

Nikki was engaging from the very moment I met her, she not only listened with ears but her eyes too. I felt very comfortable speaking to her and she asked questions that stimulated thoughts and ideas that I had not really processed before. Nikki was patient, got me back on track and the structure of our session flowed so well. Nikki is very professional, personable and genuine. I really did feel energised and positive about what I would do after our coaching session. Thank you Nikki, you have helped me find a clear and defined path to achieving my goal. Cliff, ex Military and Police Force.

Big Thank you to Nikki for my coaching session. Nikki provided heartfelt listening and homed into timelines and achievable goals. Yay to accountability and real results. Thank you, Nikki! I appreciate your support and guidance. Sam Rehan, Author and Founder of Wellbeing with Sam.

I'm not dealing with myself very well at all lately. I have a constant struggle with mortality, judging and being judged, doing what is deemed to be the right thing, not appearing weak to anyone I meet and generally coming to grips with who I am. Nikki is helping me work through these things. It's early days yet but already i can see things a little clearer. She has a good way of enabling you to answer your own questions, is very supportive and I'm confident of a cathartic and life-changing experience. Daniel, MD, Spain.

I contacted Nikki in a panic for an emergency coaching session because I had to make a swift decision over an important matter. I was blinded by the 'what if I do, but what if I don't?' implications of the choice that I had to make. Within half an hour, she helped me unpick the complexities and see my choice in alignment with my values. Once I realised that my values should underpin my decision, it was easy to choose what was right for me, rather than throw myself into a situation that would not make me happy in the long term. Nikki is a compassionate coach and has a clear mind, she calmly brought me to a peaceful state where I could make my decision with clarity and confidence. We also, as ever, were able to laugh together and I left our session feeling lighter and in control. Thank you again, Nikki. Vee Sey, Production editor, features writer and columnist, Psychologies Magazine.

I have worked with Nikki as a member of the Psychologies magazine team for five years. She is driven, creative and trustworthy. As Psychologies in-house coach, she has given invaluable advice for readers and has worked with me personally in coaching sessions. Nikki has really helped me to overcome obstacles, gain confidence and work out a clearer direction. Each session has had really clear outcomes and set me on the path to achieving what I want and how to get there. I really recommend Nikki. Ellen Tout, Freelance Writer and Eco Living Editor, Psychologies Magazine.

We were fortunate enough to have a group coaching session with Nikki at work - she sat in on a small task group meeting and listened avidly to our situation. She was so good at reflecting back the themes that we were constantly coming back to and helping us to see where the pinch points were. She does all this respectfully and with warmth (despite being made the worst cup of tea ever). Nikki helped us to plan a clear path ahead with our marketing goals and we all for we all found that having an independent third-party as an active listener, able to pick out an achievable set of next steps was an extremely positive experience for the business. Her work is highly recommended. Anna, Moot.


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