Baby Loss

Baby Loss

Through Nikki's own experience of baby loss, she offers a 6 week coaching program delivered as 6 x 2 hour sessions via zoom. Nikki will have a 45 minute coaching session with you in advance of the group sessions. Nikki will help you understand your grief better and your grief will be normalised. You will understand that grief is unique, and we all grieve in different ways, even if you are grieving the same thing. Your grief may be very different to that of your partners.

Nikki creates a deep rooted sense of connection in her group coaching sessions with you being in the presence of others who you have a shared experience with.

If you would like to see the outline of Nikki's programme, please email or call her and she will send it to you; or +44 (0)7825561680

Nikki is running her next course in the Autumn. You can find her event times and dates here 

*Nikki donates 5% of her baby loss coaching to Tommy's and SANDS

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