How to Find Your Spark Again

How to Find Your Spark Again

May 2021, Psychologies Magazine

Nikki was asked by Psychologies Magazine to create a 4 week coaching programme on 'How to Find Your Spark Again'. This course looks at how letting your heart and feelings guide you – instead of your head – can bring you untold rewards. The programme provides practical ways to stop overthinking, regain your spark and reconnect with your true self by letting go of the mental chatter that holds you back. By letting your body guide you, you can journey towards what truly makes you happy. 

Nikki created 4 videos with accompanying workbooks, you can access the videos using the links below. If you would like access to the full coaching programme, please email Nikki on and include 'How to Find Your Spark Again workbook request' in the subject line. 

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

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