Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching has seen enormous growth in recent years. Group coaching is for those in similar situations where they will be coached together in a safe and confidential group environment.

You could be a group of new managers across various business areas in the same company. Or a group of business owners from different sectors, or a group of individuals who hold the same roles but in different companies.

It also happens in a non-work environment where the focus could be, for example, on career change, on personal development, on managing stress or anxiety, looking for meaning or purpose, a lot of my group coaching is on grief, and in particular on baby loss (see grief and loss tab).

As a group you will likely have a common interest or have the same needs. Through group coaching you will experience the value of coaching, using and learning coaching models and techniques, and as a group you will learn together.

COST = dependant on programme, location and participant numbersĀ 

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